Our Method


The Alagoa farm is located in the separation from warm land (terra quente) and cold land (terra fria) "transmontana" so we have the Mediterranean cultures of vineyards, olive trees, chestnuts trees, almond trees, and in a more height level the chestnut trees. Also the conservation forest of quercus pirenaica and meadows for the cattle. “Maronesa” cows in the meadows and “bisaro” pigs camping in the castanea sativa and quercus pirenaica forest.

Apart from its main crops of 7 acres of vine, 40 acres of olive and 57 acres of chestnut.

The Quinta D'Alagoa also grows vegetables, has orchards and 25 acres of Lameiro (water meadows). There are oak, poplar and pine woods.

Organic farming é a pratica agrícola centanária desta quinta e desde 2001 que possui o certificado europeu PT-BIO 02.

No artificial chemicals are used in fertilization, neither are pesticides or herbicides used. The cattle consume only natural fodder.

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