Typical cuisine from the region

All our meals are prepared with our SOCERT certified organic produce.

It’s a simple typical cuisine and from the region. The 2,5 metre stone wood-fired oven can make 25 loaves of bread at a time, and roast mountain kid, veal, joints, etc for parties to 50 people.
In cookers do the stews of lamb or goat.
The wine and olive oil (acidity lower than 0,2%) are produced on the farm.

For starters we suggest:
Traditional Portuguese sausages – alheira, linguiça, bucheira; Milhos – a thick corn meal soup with meat; Salads – meruja, watercress or ruccola (rocket); Chestnut soup.

For your main course we suggest: Arroz de cabidela (chicken rice speciality); Roast joints; Caldeirada cooked in an iron pot (meat stewed with vegetables and potatoes); Cozido de carnes e feijão (bean, meat and traditional sausages stew); Barbecued meat; etc

We can provide you with sandwiches for your trips:
Presunto (cured ham), ruccola and olive oil; Presunto or salpicão (sausage) omelet; Presunto and Santa Maria cheese.

Minimum 8 people and maximum 40 people

Price per person meal: € 25 per person with dessert and wine from organic grapes.
Children pay 50%.

Meals on study tours to over 20 people served in Self service: 10 €

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